Monday, June 26, 2017


When I got the Rolling Steel Tent there were no skins on the back doors, just painted steel and openings into the vast nothingness of the door cavities. I filled the doors with cellulose insulation, then sent off for a set of cargo van skins. However, they didn't come with the part that covers the latch. So I suffered through this ugliness for the past four years:

I could've done something about it a lot sooner, but the planets finally aligned—those being the planets of Thinking About the Missing Cover (which is roughly the size of Neptune), Finding It on the Web (about the size of Venus), and Being in One Place Long Enough to Receive It (about three times the size of Jupiter). The cover arrived today and now the back door looks like this:

Much better. There's still a little piece that goes right behind the latch lever. I'll get that in another four years.

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