Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grab it

I want to lower my bed to give me more headroom when I use the bed as my chair. But there are things stowed under the bed that just barely slide in and out the way things are now. That means I need to switch to shorter things under the bed. Hurray for chain reactions.

One of the tall things under the bed was my tool box. I found a shorter box that still holds all my tools, though in a less organized way. Hurray for trade-offs. The old tool box had a place I could grab to pull it from under the bed. The new one didn't—until this morning.

I walked over to the small hardware store and, with the assistance of a pleasant clerk, got just the handle, screws and nuts I needed.

Now, along with the replacement for the standard size milk crate I was using before, there's plenty of room to lower the bed. After I do something about the plastic bin of clothing and stuff. I feel another Festival of Purging coming on.

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  1. Always ways to improve life. Festivals of Purging are good.