Thursday, June 1, 2017

Emergency road service

Forrest got a call yesterday. His friend, Cyan, was driving an old military surplus deuce-and-a-half truck from Arizona to Colorado. The tires were almost as old as the truck and she had more blowouts than spares. She was stranded near Four Corners. Luckily, Forrest's project truck uses the same size wheels. So he loaded what he had into the minivan and went to the rescue.

Even with good tires the truck has mechanical problems. But it limped over the pass and onward to Forrest's place.

The truck has a living quarters module on the back, so it should be a fine expedition vehicle once its various issues are sorted out.


  1. I'd love to see inside that living quarters module.

    1. Me too. Maybe after I get to know Cyan better. It's one thing to be shown one's home, another to be allowed to photograph it.

  2. That's even better than a school bus. I live on an Ozark ridge top and I like stuff like that. Ozark Sam