Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cotton or down?

I'm camped next to cottonwood trees, and it's reproductive season. That means little fluffy white tufts find their way into the Rolling Steel Tent.

I also have a small leak in my down quilt. That means other little fluffy white tufts find their way into the Rolling Steel Tent.

It's like winter in June.


  1. Al, I've been using a Ticla Rambler XL (top side is thicker than bottom...idea being you can be warmer in cool weather and not so hot when it's warm) for three years and have been very satisfied.

    When it gets down around 30, I augment it with a rectangular Slumberjack with about 10 ozs of Dupont Thermolite (found in a thrift store). The two keep me comfortable to about 15 degrees at which point I fire up the Wave 3 catalytic heater.

    I have REALLY oily skin and need to launder the Ticla every three months at a minimum, so down would be too much of a hassle. The Ticla is heavy though, and if I was backpacking I'd buy a down bag for its lightness and compressibility. I think I paid $80.00 on sale from REI, but I've seen it elsewhere for less (REI no longer carries it). The XL is longer and enables me to pull it up over my head. Also, being of larger "dimensionality," I like it's roominess. It's holding up well in spite of multiple launderings and several close encounters with my micro stove during morning coffee.

    Happy Travels!


    1. My 30+ year old down quilt is summer weight, which is perfect most of the time. When it gets too cold, I add my summer weight sleeping bag. When it gets too hot, I go without anything over me.

  2. Also, can you explain how to change the picture at the top of the blog? I can't figure it out or find instructions. Thanks!

    1. I THINK this is how I did it. I don't want to try it on my blog right now in case I mess it up.

      - Click on the Blogger icon on the far upper left
      - Click on LAYOUT
      - Click EDIT on box labeled HEADER
      - Click REMOVE IMAGE
      I THINK it then gives you the option of adding an image. I wish they made it clearer and simpler.

  3. I have a cat who likes to burrow his way under my summer weight down blanket. Each year I end up with lots of little rips in the cover. I just do a row of closely spaced whip stitch to bring the edges together. Quick and easy and I don't mind the look of those small repairs as I use a closely matched thread. Always ready with a needle in my sewing kit since it has to be mended before laundry time.

    1. I just need to remember to get white thread. And remember where I put the pack of needles.