Sunday, December 1, 2019

Another benefit of the abnormal life

Thanksgiving is a huge travel period with everyone and their pets going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. And just about every year—like this one—there’s a blizzard somewhere messing up air and ground travel. Even when the weather is dry there are still all those people out there trying to get somewhere else. And back.

Being a single, childless, socially inept guy, I don’t go anywhere during the holidays. That means far less travel stress. (And family stress.)

I was reminded of that yesterday when I saw westbound traffic on I-10 backed up more than a mile at the California agricultural inspection station, long lines for cheaper gas in Arizona and, I imagine, long lines at restrooms. Mmmm, no thanks. I can wait until after the weekend to resupply.


  1. My Dave says the pavement here in Minnesota was dry on his trip to his sister's house for Thanksgiving. I wouldn't know; I stayed home where it's warm. It's nice to be old enough for us to each make our own decisions.

  2. Nomads are on perpetual holiday, everyone else gets a few during the year. AHHHH SORRY!