Monday, December 9, 2019


A friend says he’s no longer able to post comments here. I have commenting turned on and moderation turned off, and I’ve never taken steps to block anyone.

Could some of you try commenting to this? If I get zero comments then I’ll presume there’s a wider problem.


  1. The doo dad and the flimaajig need to be realined.

    1. HAAAA, also account for the rotation of the earth.

  2. I've had no trouble commenting. I rarely have trouble commenting. :)

  3. Could be a browser-specific issue. Safari gives me trouble commenting on blogger when I’m using an iPad. No problem with chrome.

  4. I had trouble a couple months ago but am willing to attribute it to user error.

  5. Tell em to unblock cookies in Google,

  6. Recently at various times blogger gets flaky. Photos don't show, comments don't go through etc. What I do know from reading and looking at some of the google messages on the dashboard for blogspot is that Google is currently doing a bunch of revisions to the software that controls blogger. For a few days out of this last week no photos were showing on anyone's blogspot sites when I used the browsers on a PC but they still showed when looking at them from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. So don't be too concerned when there is an unusual incident for a few days because it seems to be a case of "pardon our mess we are remodeling the store".