Monday, December 9, 2019

Here’s the news

The PET scan of my head, neck and torso came back clean—except for a tiny spot on one lung that may or may not be something. The doctor says we’ll check it at my next followup in March and see if anything changes.

They took a good look around my throat with an endoscope. The screen was out of my line of sight, but Ceebs got a picture. The docs were pleased with what they saw in there. I was pleased they were pleased.

It looks rather, um, gynecological in there

My epiglottis got a little beat up from the radiation, but since I can swallow properly, with no food or liquids getting into my trachea, there’s no cause for concern.

My vitals were excellent, and the bloodwork results showed only one item slightly outside the preferred ranges. The tests in August had a dozen concerning readings.

So, I’m good to go.

Though saliva production is still low, I can eat and swallow most solid foods, and my tastebuds are about 85% recovered.

I really have been feeling well—well enough to dance around on camera. I would’ve been severely bummed me out if they’d said I might feel fine, but I’m not and needed to go back into treatment.

I’m good. Life is good. I’m lucky.


  1. Hooray!
    Glad you got your taste buds back too.

  2. Good news indeed! Isn't being able to taste food a wonderful thing? When my sinuses are blocked I can neither smell nor taste. That's when texture becomes very noticeable to me.

  3. Wonderful ! Enjoy your Health it should never be taken for Granted .

  4. YEAH MON, In time for the NEXT Tamales festival.

  5. The plethora of comments seems to answer the functionality issue as well. Keep on keepin’ On!