Friday, December 20, 2019


Tomorrow is the annual Somerton Tamale Festival and I’m usually excited. I was severely disappointed when I missed it last year, and I was grateful one of my readers reminded me this time. But, in anticipation, I had a tamal the other day and… damn.

Between my messed up taste buds and low saliva production, the masa was like flavorless sawdust. And it killed whatever joy the pork filling might’ve offered.

Now there’s no point dealing with the parking and crowds. Besides, I’m in the middle of my no-driving experiment, right?


  1. you will just have to order them smothered in chili gravy

  2. Any chance of those taste buds and saliva returning to pre C status?

    1. They're getting there. Tastebuds are at about 85%, saliva is better with the medication. But some foods are still a problem.