Saturday, December 14, 2019

Finding what I didn’t know was lost

I don’t carry much in my wallet. Driver license, debit card, insurance cards, senior discount pass for national parks, and cash. Today I was fishing one of the insurance cards from its compartment when, surprise, a hundred dollar bill.

I must have stashed it there sometime in the past few months since acquiring the new wallet. But I don’t remember doing it. I don’t even remember getting the Benjamin.

This happened once before when I discovered Ulysses S Grant had been living in my wallet for quite some time.

If this is old age forgetfulness, it’s not the worst kind. As my mind gets worse the dollar amount gets higher. I hope one day to discover a few hundred thousand bucks I forgot I hid under the mattress.


  1. Sophie, my cat who died some years ago at age 22, led the wave in mergers-and-acquisitions and specialized in hostile takeovers. When not directing her team of attorneys, she could oft be found in her vault setting tooth to metal (think pirate Jean Lafitte & gold dubloons) to test their purity. Her response to the video is a grumbled mutter of, "Blasphemy."

  2. I also found $100 recently. It was in a purse I was getting ready to donate. I go through every pocket and compartment in clothes and bags before donating. That is why.

  3. Perhaps your guardian Angel stuff it inside your wallet.