Monday, December 16, 2019

Putting a lid on it

Baseball caps, cowboy hats, panama hats, knit caps, tribal hats, faux fur hats, derbies... I’ve been through many of them. But what I’ve been searching for lately is a soft, narrow-brim fedora. Maybe a Homburg. Not a trilby or pork pie. Sort of like the one toddler Elvis wore.

The search has been complicated by the size and shape of my cranium. A long oval, about 7-5/8 or 7-3/4. Freak head.

This hat had the look I was after, and when I plopped it on my head... Ah, perfect fit. It was flexible enough to conform to my oblong shape. And it was very comfortable. The sweat band is some type of cloth rather than faux leather. I totally forget I’m wearing it. And that’s a key to wearing a hat. If you go around always conscious of this thing on your head, then the hat is wearing you.


  1. And I like the crown of a hat to clear my head by a little bit and definitely do not like a crown that touches the top of my head. I like the looks of yours.

  2. Oooh; sophisticated! Do you tip that to the ladies?

  3. I think it is lacking ...needs a sprig of mistletoe on it.

  4. Mr Howell had a cool hat one side up ditto Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now as commander of 1st Calvary I do believe.