Monday, December 2, 2019

Lubricate the pavement

An abandoned gas station in Desert Center CA looked like a good arty photo op. The still-wet fluid spill on the pavement was someone else’s disaster, not mine. The Rolling Steel Tent is behaving itself. Another quick photo and I was on my way.


  1. Is that a STOP sign near your right front tire?

    1. So, that would probably be the stop sign for R2 that goes north to Eagle Mountain. From there you can go west to Pinto Basin Road and continue north to Twenty-nine Palms. As I recall, it gets a little sandy in spots west of Eagle Mountain, but sometime when you're feeling adventurous, you might try taking it south from Twenty-nine Palms. But then, there you are at the "Cafe" with only a half a tank of gas

      How's the weather?

    2. That stop sign is at 177. R2 comes into 177 about a "block" north. But I might explore R2 one of these days.

      The weather was nice yesterday. Today it's supposed to rain.

  2. The current ATMOSPHERIC RIVER, might clean it.