Sunday, December 8, 2019

On the road west

It was time to head back to Los Angeles so the oncologist could give me the word on the PET scan results and do a little poking and peeking.

Though I had posed the Rolling Steel Tent at an abandoned gas station in downtown Desert Center, there was another one west of town I had never stopped at. The oval shape of the former sign makes me believe it was an Exxon/Esso/Standard/American station. The land is for sale, in case you want a place in the desert where you can watch and listen to traffic go by on the Interstate.

Since I had plenty of time, I also stopped to pay my respects to the dinosaurs in Cabazon. It’s sad, probably even angering, that the roadside attraction is now a creationist museum. But at least they’re maintaining the dinos, keeping them from extinction.

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