Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I almost broke one of my rules

I was at UCLA Health this morning having my first post-cancer-treatment PET scan. I won’t know the results until I meet with the oncologist on Monday. Rather than twiddle my thumbs in the city for four days, I headed back out to the desert.

In dry weather it’s about 3.5 hours to the boondocking area at the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. But the rain slowed traffic down. And a stop for a few supplies didn’t help.

Based on a couple of past experiences, one of my rules is to get settled in a campsite before dark. That’s especially important when the ground could be wet and soft and eager to trap vehicles.

The sun was setting on an already-dark day as I passed Indio, about 25 miles from my destination. Should take about 25 minutes, right? However, the grade was choked with slow semis. Not a problem if they all stayed to the right, right? But no. Big rigs insisted on trying to pass trucks going a fraction of a mile per hour slower, only to get held back by another slower truck. Or two.

Ergh. I watched the sky. I watched for my exit. I gave the finger to a couple of truckers.

But I made it a few minutes before darkness. There was a vacant spot just off the pavement. No puddles, no ruts, no sweat. And it’s below the cloud ceiling. And not actually raining. Yet.


  1. Hope it is all good news. Enjoy the time in the desert.

  2. Here's wishing you the best Monday Al.
    The pic got my attention, I never tire at looking at the express, mine or yours, but when they are lived in, it's eye candy. Dunnowhy..