Thursday, July 2, 2020

Animal, vegetable or mineral

The cottonwood trees around me are releasing their fluffy, cottony seeds. Sometimes in clumps, sometimes individually.

There are also tiny flying insects that look a lot like cottonwood fluff. I imagine it’s one of those evolutionary adaptations. The floating seeds give cover to the bugs, confusing their predators, enhancing their survival.

I suspect the little buggers are also of the biting variety. We juicy humans start thinking all the drifting white specks are harmless plant matter and stop swatting at them. That’s when the insects slip in.


  1. Predatory behavior is the best repellant. Eat one the word gets out, works were with mosquitos too.

  2. Did you notice that cottonwood leaves themselves have a fragrance? I only noticed it this year, and I don't know if it is only at certain times during the year, but pick a cottonwood leaf and smell it. Whoda thunk?