Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My own place

The Forest Service for the Big Horn Mountains has decided it’s okay to park unoccupied RVs all over their dispersed camping areas. Owners bring them up early in the season, use them on weekends and holidays, but just leave them there between visits, blocking others from using those spots. Then, at the end of the two weeks one is allowed to occupy a site, the owners trade spots with friends or family. Whereas other Forest Service districts require you to move at least 25 miles, or even completely out of the district, the regulations here require only five miles. As the crow flies. It’s a racket that favors locals over visitors. So what is one to do?

Go where the RVs can’t or won’t. Up the narrow, rough, twisting side roads with low overhangs. Jeep-ish roads. That’s how I found this place.

After the RV-unfriendly road there was this


  1. NICE!

    The roads less-traveled.

  2. Been like that up there for a long time, I used to share campsites with a vacant trailer, no one seemed to mind.