Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Yet again, where to?

My bit of business near Klamath Falls has been taken care of. I can stay or go. If I go, then where?

Out at the coast the daytime highs are in the low 60s. It’s overcast with very high humidity. Mmmm, no.

In just about every other direction I have the choice of hot and humid, very hot and dry, or very hot and dry with daily thunderstorms. Oh, and it’s the beginning of forest fire season.

In order to get to higher, cooler elevations, I’d have to pass through some triple-digit heat. But that could be done in the early morning.

It’s nice here, even though the afternoons are rather hot, in the 90s. I have adequate cell service. And friends. But the forest makes me feel hemmed in.

The rational decision would be to hang here for a while, but my rational side doesn’t have the majority vote. As with most elections, it’s a matter of which side can appeal to the undecided electorate.


  1. Plenty of good camps between kalamath and Medford to the north, 30 miles out of KF.... who knows, us might run into B.W..

  2. If you get our way, you can stay here, we'd love to see you. It's going to be hot again today, but we do have air in the house and it has been cooling good in the evening. Not the quietest camp but you will be amongst friends. Your always welcome.

  3. Hi and a happy wave of "thanks" to Phyllis!! (for putting me in touch with Sue Anne)

    (That Phyllis is SUCH ein vunderschon gatekeeper.)

    And tell he she needn't have worried about telling me where she is/was. I just discovered, last night, I have ONE friend (I thought they were all LOVERS) but we're nowhere near each other and that's the way we like it. It's quieter. ; - )

    Hope Whim will carry the day!