Friday, July 24, 2020

Sometimes sisters know what they’re talking about

A few days ago my sister, Connie, posted about the trip she and her husband, Kent, took to the Grand Teton area. Among other things, she said the drive on US 26/287 from Dubois WY to Moran was beautiful, especially when you come around a bend and see the Tetons rising up. If it hadn’t been for her report, I wouldn’t have considered that route. And if I hadn’t gone that way I wouldn’t have experienced Brooks Lake and the Pinnacles, high up on the Continental Divide.


  1. Nice to get good tips from siblings.

  2. I hope you hit Granite Hot Springs....Plenty of free spots on the 10 mile drive in...
    Just beautiful area!

  3. Sometimes...that reminds me of sage advice my dad gave who's smarter man or woman depends on who you ask.