Friday, July 10, 2020

Silent Storm II

I had been in bed a while but hadn’t fallen asleep. There was a flash of bright light in my peripheral vision. Then a flicker and another flash. I thought it might bright off-road lights. Or visitors from another planet (what with Devil’s Tower nearby).

But, no, it was lightning. Now overhead, all around me, nonstop. With no sound. How is that possible?

The silent lightning went on for about a half hour and then k-k-r-a-a-BAM!! Very close. What am I in for?

Hail. I was in for hail. First some pitter, then patter, then bapita-bonkita-donk-bonk-dak-donkita… Hey, don’t get too big up there! None of that baseball stuff!

But it lasted only a few seconds, then it rained. Not the biblical storm it could’ve been, but still a good I-mean-business rain for about twenty minutes.

And then… All over. No direct lightning strikes, no hail damage, no falling trees, no fires. This time.

1 comment:

  1. I googled silent lightening once. The most logical explanation is a storm over the horizon. The light is refracted by the ionosphere while the sound escapes. Ain’t Nature Neat!!