Sunday, July 5, 2020

At least it’s not the transmission

If I were to try to make the most comprehensive list possible of things in the Rolling Steel Tent that could fall apart, I’m pretty sure I would never think of the brake pedal pad coming off. Yet there it was, on the floor, when I went to climb into the driver’s seat this morning. When and how did that happen? Nothing tragic. Some glue and wiggling will fix it. It’s just a very weird occurrence.


  1. Fluids, basic parts, and you can drive it till your tired of looking thru the your case Al, that will never happen.

  2. My vehicles from the 60's used to lose brake pedal pads now and then. By the early 70s it did not happen anymore. They were all Chrysler products in the 60s.

  3. What the phrase? Something about if it wiggles and it's not supposed to use duct tape, if it doesn't wiggle and it's supposed to use WD-40?

    1. Good one!

      But what about this leftover bubblegum and bailing wire? ;>)