Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Perfect camping spots are rare. Because, as Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say, “It’s always something.”

Right now I’m at a Natrona County campground up on Casper Mountain. It’s a pay site, so that’s one minus point. But it’s only $10 a night, which is a bargain compared to campgrounds in prime tourist spots. So that gives back about a half point.

It’s a campground rather than a secluded patch of public land (a minus) but it’s pretty, there’s water, the restroom is clean, the sites are well separated, it’s not full, and the neighbors have been quiet (all pluses). The weather (fingers crossed) has been great. And I can post this right now because the cell towers are just up the hill.

The one thing that has me giddy, though, is the total lack of buzzing and biting insects. Considering all the swatting and itching I did the past couple of weeks, buglessness more than compensates for any negatives. If my math is right, that means an approval rating greater than 100 percent. Better than perfect.

I paid for just one night, to see how things were. I’ll get a second night in the morning, then split before the weekend crowd arrives.


  1. Hi Al.

    Just wondering.... your donate button says it goes to ??? Is that you? Google seems to think 'sketchy'. I'm sure I don't understand stuff in this realm of webby things.

    1. Yes, that's me. My PayPal account goes way back to when I lived in North Carolina -- hence the

      Or you could donate to someone you know who needs the help.

    2. Just a small thank you for the time and effort put in to your virtual tour and actual life skills tutorials. A few chuckles and items to ponder makes thing a bit better, so in a way, I am giving to myself who needs the mental stimulus more than the financial stimulus.

      Perhaps a b.o.c. or two. (Beverage Of Choice)