Sunday, March 22, 2020

Checking it out to avoid pulling it out

I’m getting wiser and more cautious as I age. Or maybe just less adventurous and more cowardly. Either way, it means I avoid driving down questionable roads without walking ahead first to see what the deal is. Ideally, I think to do this when there’s still room to turn around. My backing up skills are pathetic. My multi-point U-turns aren’t much better.

Case in point: from the top of a turnoff I saw an appealing creekside camping spot below. Would I be able to drive in, or was it strictly an off-road vehicle/walk-in situation. I parked the van and followed the track.

Hmmm, muddy ruts, but not too bad. I walked a little farther. Oh, standing water for about twenty yards, then gnarly mud ruts, and more water, and more ruts/trenches. And the track got steeper. Getting down there would be a wild water park ride for sure. Getting back up? Mmmm, nah, nah. I’ll pass. Besides, there would be no cell signal down there.

I’m not a total coward, though. Nearby, the highway was flooded. Aw, look how prettily the water cascades. I could still see the road markings through the water. It was only about six inches deep. Besides, a two-wheel-drive pickup had driven through just ahead of me. The Rolling Steel Tent is just a pickup with extra enclosed space, so I went for it. Both the van and I lived to tell about it.


  1. Yeah Al, ...An ounce of prevention always carries it's weight.

  2. Pretty spot but you were smart to not go for it.

  3. Would a AWD/4WD make a difference? Yes he answered. How's about looking with an aerial drone yes; reason to own one.