Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We could all use some help

I’ve relocated to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, about 60 miles south of Tucson and a dozen miles from Sonora. Baboquivari Peak and Kitt Peak Observatory are visible to the west and I’m surrounded by mesquite-dotted grassland.

It’s my fourth or fifth visit and will probably be my longest one. It’s quiet, almost deserted, and my supplies are good.

I walked for a couple of miles and discovered this solar-powered signal tower along the way.

I like how the pictures show the sun and shadows moving, indicating the passage of time. And how the signal continues broadcasting, so please don’t keep pushing the button. Help will come, it just might take a while.


  1. Do people leave gallon jugs of water by the tower for thirsty migrants?

    1. Border Patrol is very active in the area, so I doubt anything that might be left stays very long.