Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I had a much better title for this when I was still asleep

It was another of those mornings when I was sleeping very well, every cubic inch of me feeling wonderful. Wrapped in a bundle of aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Drifting on a sea of, oh, chocolate something. Chocolate love. It was as if I’d been administered the perfect dose of the perfect narcotic. Sleeping like a whale, floating deep, all my body systems in power saving mode. Then waking j-u-u-u-st enough to become aware how deliciously I was sleeping. Because it would be a shame to sleep so well and not know it.

The sun is up? Don’t care. I’m diving down for more.

A little later, maybe nine o’clock? Don’t care. I want more of this.

Still later, need to pee? Don’t care. Shift position a millimeter, override the urge and… down… down……down………

Finally, about ten-thirty, I’d had enough. Well, not enough, but I could tell there was no more left. For the time being.

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