Thursday, March 19, 2020

Everything feels like a symptom

Last week I was in Los Angeles for a checkup. I was not quite asleep in the Rolling Steel Tent when I started to feel a buzzing sensation throughout my body. And a bit of a head and neck ache. Oh no, early Covid-19 symptoms? I took a couple of Advil and went back to bed. I felt fine in the morning.

A couple of days later I was back in the desert and became aware of a very mild body ache. Okay, is this a symptom? It eventually went away.

The next day I felt sluggish and I was producing a lot of snot. It was a symptom of something, but of Covid-19? A friend said it sounded like a sinus thing, not a lung problem. Was I short of breath? No.

The following day I started coughing. Mostly from my slightly misshapen epiglottis trying to deal with all the snot. At least I hoped that was all it was.

Yesterday evening I felt achy and tired again, and my digestive tract was rumbling. Oh, I’ve scarcely eaten. A sandwich took care of that.

Is sneezing a symptom? What about hiccups?

These small symptoms make me anxious, but I’ve been feeling this way long enough that if it were Covid-19 I would be feeling much worse by now. Or I could be infected and I’m one of those who isn’t going to get horribly sick. Or maybe Covid-19 is just taking its sweet time messing me up. I don’t know. Fingers are crossed. After I wash my hands again.


  1. Jeeeeezzzussss .... :-( Any bets that'll be any of us soon? I'll probably have an aching toe, wonder if it's a lesser-known Covid19 symptom, panic, revise my will, and only then remember I stubbed my toe. This shit is genuinely scary.

  2. I got the same symptoms too, part of kemo symptoms, these symptoms will diminish with time. Kemo takes quite awhile to work it's way out of your bod.

  3. I was sick with SARS for the entire month of March 2003. So weak I could barely climb one flight of stairs and I was ONLY 45 years old at that time.

    1. We're you prescribed a remedy by a doctor? What was prescribed?

    2. There is NO cure for SARS more than 17 years since the first infection.