Monday, March 23, 2020

Park closures — Updated

RootlessLiving maintains a list of the status of various states’ parks. Open, closed, open but camping closed, etc. Here’s the link.

And thanks to Solari for pointing me to a much more comprehensive list from Campendium. Link.

Stay safe, people.


  1. I figured this shit was coming.

  2. Being in the boonies is the best bet. Wear gloves and masks when shopping/ gassing, white vinegar canned goods and packaging anyone has touched, stay in the boonies. MHO.

  3. Hopefully my comment makes it through — have tried several times in past and nothing appears (maybe spam folder)?

    Have you had decent luck finding suitable places so far? I’m currently straddling the Texas/Oklahoma border making my way over to the desert area in hopes of being able to stay on land that isn’t shut down.

    BTW Campendium has an updated list of closures as well which seems comprehensive:

    Stay safe and hope I see you again soon!

    PS. Like you I have to be careful, I have been recovering from a nasty bout with Lyme disease for a year now.

    1. Oh yay it looks like it finally worked! Tried to wish you well during your healing journey and such. Glad you are doing good, matey.

    2. I don't see there being any way they could close down dispersed camping on all the public land. The Southeast Utah Health Department wants to try it in the Moab area. Meanwhile, I've had no problems the past couple of weeks finding nice remote places in Arizona. I could've legally stayed longer at all of them, but I really want to travel.

  4. I figured as well. That’s why I’ve been beelining (with a few ducks and weaves around closures) towards your area. I’m also a wanderer at heart - it’s hard for me to stay in any one area for long. Thanks!