Saturday, March 7, 2020

What a croc

A few years ago I got some cheap imitation Crocs at Walmart to use as shower shoes. Then I discovered they worked pretty good in the van as insulation for my feet. (What’s the R-value for a half inch of injection molded polysomethingorother?)

I’ve never gotten along well with sandals, clogs, and other open-heel footwear. I need to scrunch up my toes to keep my feet from sliding out the back when I walk. Scrunched toes make for an awkward semi-shuffle. That’s how it was with my fake Crocs.

Until recently. Something changed. The shoes? My feet? Both? Whatever. Now I can walk around in them as if I were wearing real shoes. I won’t be doing any hiking in them, though. I doubt I’ll even wear them in public. But for puttering around the campsite without looking like I have a bizarre musculoskeletal ailment? Sure.


  1. I bought real Crocs back when I was RVing. They quickly became my favorite shoe. Now, they are the only ones I wear. I wonder what the difference is between the fake and the real?

  2. Ten plus years ago I picked up a pair of Airwalk brand "Crocs" at Wally's. They are house shoes and haven't worn out yet. Whatever the stuff is, it's pretty dang tough.