Thursday, March 12, 2020

All systems go!

I just got back from the checkup with my oncologist. I told him it feels as if my epiglottis has shrunk a little and doesn’t fully seal my trachea when swallowing liquids. He took a look with the scope and confirmed that was true. He wrote a prescription that might help with that.

Everything else in my throat looked great.

I reported that it seems like my tastebuds have recovered about 95 percent and my saliva gland is back to about 85 percent. He said that was great progress for only seven months.

Monday’s CT scan showed that the spot in my lung hasn’t grown and there are no new nodules. They believe it’s not a problem but they’ll keep tabs on it.

He also said that my immune system is in excellent shape according to the last round of bloodwork and that I'm probably not at higher risk for Covid-19.

So hurray! Another three months of freedom!

Now, where’s the closest place it’s not raining?


  1. It did not rain here in Del Rio Tx today but it got plenty HOT.

    1. Only part of my original post posted. here is the first part again.

      Congratulations on the great checkup.

  2. AWESOME! I was just worrying about you RE Covid19. So glad to hear you're in a good position. And our lifestyle is inherently "social distancing." :)