Sunday, March 15, 2020


Sunday morning in Quartzsite is my trash day. After dropping my bag at the waste transfer station I continued on into town to see if the discount grocers were open. My test of the canned pork had been successful and I wanted to get more for future use. And some six-for-a-dollar nutrition bars. And whatever else looked good.

The pork was okay, so I'll try the beef

Then I went over to Ken’s Grocery Outlet to see what I might find. Ken was in the back, stacking cases of… Could it be? Yes! Toilet paper and paper towels!

An elderly couple snagged a case. A guy grabbed two. A woman loaded four cases onto her hand truck. (I think she runs a restaurant or motel.) (Or maybe she’s a toilet paper scalper.)

I asked if I had to purchase by the case. No. Good, because I don’t have room for cases. I bought three packages each of TP and towels. That should be enough for quite a while, since I live alone. And because I tend toward optimism. However, I’m not too optimistic about the quality of the toilet paper. But it’s better than nothing. And only a dollar a package.

My now-standard shopping attire, left over from cancer treatment


  1. I'm surprised there hasn't been a run on surgical gloves. Maybe there has been and I've not heard of it? We always have some on hand (in two sizes) for making messy food so we haven't had to shop for those. It's a good thing I asked Dave to buy raisin bread on his last shopping trip, though, because that's the only kind that was still on the shelves. Pre-sliced ham on raisin bread makes a tasty sandwich.

    1. I got some brioche over in the bakery section rather than the sad selection left on the bread shelves.