Sunday, February 12, 2017

Almost there.

I was about eighty miles from Corpus Christi when I decided I'd had my fill of driving for the day. If I'd kept going I would've been wandering in an unfamiliar area, trying to find a vacant spot to camp before it got dark. It didn't help that it was Saturday and the weekend crowds might make things more difficult.

So I pulled into a rest area. A rather nice one. Two sets of restrooms, air conditioned lobby, covered picnic tables, a maintenance guy keeping things clean and functioning. Traffic rumbled and whined past, but I got used to it.

The problem was that the humidity (which a lot of people would consider just normal, but was on the heavy side for a desert rat like me) was much more comfortable with the doors and windows wide open. An energetic breeze was counteracting the humidity, but since the rest stop wasn't private or secluded, I had to close up the Rolling Steel Tent while I slept. It got stuffy. I coped.

So I'm off to the Gulf this morning. A new place, a new experience. That's why I live this way.

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