Sunday, February 26, 2017

Back to "normal"

So long Aguirre Spring

Rest + time = recovery from my flu-like symptoms. I feel fine now. This morning I moved camp from Aguirre Spring Campground on the east side of the Organ Mountains overlooking White Sands, to Dripping Springs BLM area on the west side of the Organ Mountains, overlooking Las Cruces.

Hello Dripping Springs

The elevation is slightly lower here, so there are fewer trees and more grassland. It's also straight up boondocking rather than a campground. That means it's free.

If I were feeling 100% I'd do some hiking. I'll stay a couple of days and see what happens. New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment, so maybe there will be some magic.


  1. I'm not as fond of the boondocking on the east side. It's a good stopping place when I have business in Las Cruces. Walking around Dripping Springs is nice, though.