Monday, February 6, 2017

I was swallowed by a snake

There's a bicycle and pedestrian bridge in downtown-ish Tucson that's shaped like a giant Diamond Back Rattlesnake. A marriage of function and whimsy.

At one end you pass between the fangs. At the other end is the rattle and a motion sensor that triggers the playing of a rattling sound. This could've been just another nondescript bridge, but someone had an idea and the people paying for it said, "Yeah! Let's do it!"

Artist: Simon Donovan. Engineering: T. Y. Lin International. Contractor: Hunter Contraction Co.


  1. Just now reading about Balmorhea (spelling?) park and springs. A family is inviting people to come see this desert oasis, big swimming area, fresh clean water, before fracking starts. It is near Alpine, I think, or Marfa, maybe. Saw it on DeSmog Blog and Resilience b log.

    Looks amazing. Were you planning to see that area?