Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I miss not needing to think much about the weather

Nature is teasing me. Or testing me.

"You don't like humidity? I could make it more humid, you know. See how you like that, Mr. Picky." So it sends fog.

"Aw, poor little man, all damp and glum. I'll make the fog go away." So it sends a thunder storm.

"Still not happy? Let me blow this overcast out of here." So it sends howling, biting wind and drops the temperature about fifteen degrees.

"What, too wintery for you? I'll take care of that in a few days." That's when the heat and humidity are scheduled to return.

So, the question is whether I continue to ride this roller coaster, or just move the Texas coast to my Been There Done That list.


  1. We put Texas on our Been There Done That list. We much prefer Arizona.

  2. I totally get it. Humidity makes me extremely cranky. ��

  3. As you know, I lived near there for some years. Big difference, though, between living there with AC and heat in the house vs. in a van with not much but fans. I told the F&F I'm only coming down at Christmas, unless it's a wedding or funeral.

  4. I spent Jan-Feb-March (a few years ago) in the same area in my camper van. So I got a laugh out of how spot-on your description is. I'm from up north so I know what cold is, but that DAMP cold takes the cake. And the humidity...

    I like beach, but not that much.

    (It IS great how non-regimented so many places are, even on the waterfront, but I just couldn't take the climate.)

  5. A surprisingly large part of the country has shitty weather.

  6. 73 in Denver today and gorgeous ... but wait five minutes ;)