Saturday, February 4, 2017

The eastward journey begins

I had been in Ehrenberg, Arizona, to drop off some videos I edited. It was the last bit of something I had to take care of before heading to Texas. After a slow start and a nice shower at the Flying J, I made the easy two-hour drive to Buckeye Hills Regional Park—my usual camping spot in the greater Phoenix area. It's free, uncrowded and sufficiently quiet (after the shooting range closes for the day).

Tomorrow it's another easy drive to Tucson, or maybe farther. I haven't done any long distance driving in a while. Can I break the two-hour barrier? Or should I even try. There's no rush.


  1. The Texas coast weather will be tolerable for a couple more months, generally, so no rush at all. :-)

  2. We passed each other on the road into the Ehrenberg BLM, you were coming in, I was going out, in my pickup with fiberglass camper. We waved.


    1. Sorry to startle you like that first thing in the morning, I was just so thrilled to see the famous Rolling Steel Tent and author in person.

  3. I'm looking forward to following your trip to the Gulf via your blog as I have with your past adventures. Safe travels.

  4. I vote for no rush. That's one of the joys of retirement. I liked being able to pull over for lunch then have a nap before driving on.