Monday, February 20, 2017

Alrighty then

In an episode of The Simpsons, the neighbors rebuilt the Simpsons' house in one day. On a tour of the badly thrown together dwelling, Apu points to a door with a glow pulsing out of the cracks. "This is the only room with electricity. Too much electricity."

Well, I'm at Governor's Landing Campground, Amistad National Recreation Area near Del Rio, Texas, and this is the only site with electricity. Not enough electricity. (That's a long lead-in to a very small joke.)

This is no loss to me since I have my own source of electricity. They're very serious, though, about others not making off with any amps.


  1. Please tell me you ate at Julio's and got a giant bag of chips to go...

    1. I have no problem backtracking a few miles. But, you know, everyone has different opinions about food, so there's a chance I won't share your enthusiasm.

  2. Universal key comes to mind for some reason.

  3. Did you try 123456???
    Didn't matter I guess unless it's over 110*