Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ostrich and stingrays and goats, oh my

Back before I hit the road for good (or evil) I discovered Cool! All sorts of interesting, weird, historical, hysterical things to see. And some disappointing ones, too. I haven't made much use of it over the past three-plus years, but I know the Lone Star State has more than its share of oddities. So I did some research before this trek through southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

My first stop was Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch near Tucson. It's next to Picacho Peak State Park, so you could do a double header if you were so inclined. The ranch is a nicely done petting zoo, but since the ostriches are raised for meat, leather and feathers, it's not a good place for vegans or animal rights activists.

But it's not just ostriches.

Miniature Sicilian Donkeys

A bunch of Budgies

Goats that like to stick their heads through holes to be fed

Stingrays that only want you for your squid

Rainbow Lorikeets that swarm you for nectar

What elevates (literally and figuratively) Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm above your average petting zoo is the 800 horsepower, twenty-one passenger monster truck.

Hmmmm, it wouldn't take much to make this beast livable

Oh, sure, they could take you on a tour around the property and give a nature talk about the Sonoran Desert from inside docile tram. But that's too predictable and insufficiently bad ass. And it's more fun this way for our guide, Greg.


  1. I like his hat. Probably a conversation piece

  2. Roadside America! Thanx for the tip.