Monday, December 4, 2017

Another day, another desert

Well, it's actually the same place I was last week and several other times the past four years.

Someone messed with the stone spiral. I think they "borrowed" stones from it to make fire rings. I know the spiral isn't official art, just something someone took the time to make and others appreciated enough to leave alone. I guess I'll be doing some restoration tomorrow.


  1. When you're done, put blowfish poison on the rocks.

  2. Blowfish poison (imo) is a bit harsh considering the crime.

    1. I guess it depends on whether the crime is moving some stones, or being the type of ass who doesn't appreciate art. The latter is a capital offense. :D

  3. Umm, I am sure that the spiral is “official” art to the one who made it. My son, who teaches art at the college level was drawing with his young nephew many years ago. Sam drew a stick figure and asked Patrick if he could also draw a stick figure. Patrick assured him he could and proceeded to draw an X with a circle above it. Sam stated to Patrick that it wasn’t a stick figure and Patrick replied, “well, that’s how I make a stick figure.” Sam later stated that was one of the important lessons he learned in teaching art. To this day when Sam throws on the wheel, and signs his work he adds that X with a circle above. Art is not interpreted the same by all, and to me, the beautiful spiral alone in the desert, is “official art”.