Thursday, December 21, 2017

The coyote is exonerated

The cam caught our culprit(s). Notice the sky gets darker between shots, so either one rabbit came back later or more than one rabbit enjoyed some tasty aloe vera.

Lou would like your thoughts on how to keep the bunnies from eating his plants. Yes, chicken wire, but any other ideas?


  1. That aloe plant is probably a beacon in the night for that or those bunnies. I don't imagine there's much else around that would be more tempting. Giving them something else they like better would be the first non destructive option.
    Lou could try a repellent (predator urine), but if that aloe is something they really love, it may not do much.
    Option 3 is the least attractive but may give the aloe it's best chance at survival. Poultry wire fence could be used long enough for the aloe to rebound and break the cycle of easy to get grub for the bunnies.

    1. Maybe he could convince the coyote to hang around.

  2. Some kind of a stand, so the plant will be out of reach...

  3. Gary beat me to the punch so I'll just support his idea.

  4. Plant some marijuana around it. Here in Florida EVERYTHING devours that plant. Oh and for stealth, pin on some pretty red flowers or something.

  5. Jeez..It's just the ether-bunny...Trying to stock up for April....Put out your out of date eggs so he can color them for the kiddies....They never eat them anyways...