Friday, December 15, 2017

Silliness isn't necessarily silly

The big brains at FritoLay decided the world needed football shaped Tostitos. How had we ever been able to enjoy tailgating or game watching without them?

Ah, but this chip design can be more than a marketing gimmick. The shape is better than ordinary Tostitos, better than Tostitos rounds or mini rounds, even better than Tostito scoops for getting down to the bottom of a jar of Newman's Own salsa. Narrow enough, long enough, yet still fits into the bottom corner of the jar.

The van dwelling old bachelors who believe in not dirtying any dishes unnecessarily and therefore eat straight from jars when possible thank FritoLay for this wonderful invention. We will weep when football season is over, because chips shaped like basketballs or hockey pucks just won't do the trick.