Friday, December 8, 2017

Unsealed beam

Well dang. A rock chip in one of my headlights. It's not much of a problem, though. It can keep on working for a long time as long as water doesn't get in and damage the filament. The chances of that happening are very low in the desert.

I rarely drive at night anymore anyway. Not out of any discomfort about driving in the dark. I just haven't need to.

All the same, I'll pick up a new light the next time I make a supply run. It's just another van dweller maintenance item. But I'd rather deal with things like this than maintain a house.


  1. I know what you mean about maintaining a house. My trailer is a constant maintenance headache. Every two or three years it requires something done to maintain it, like buy a new tire(s) from rolling around so much. he he he Its a great life for sure.

  2. Just put a little bit of JB Weld, jusr enough to prevent water and sand to enter... No problem with the light.