Sunday, December 3, 2017

Minimalism is a luxury

I was a middle-class guy with a college education and a decent income. I had a house, a car, a truck, two motorcycles, foreign vacations, original art on the walls and a newly renovated kitchen. I ate well. I slept well. I was sufficiently healthy. I had good credit. I paid all my bills. I had security, safety and very few significant worries.

And I gave it up.

Because it was one of the perks of being a middle-class guy. I had options. I could choose.

Meanwhile, there are millions of people who have none of that. They aren’t poor by choice. They aren’t minimalists. They aren’t rebelling against a consumerist culture. They want to be part of it. They dream of having disposable income. They think I’m insane.

So I’m going to stop talking about minimalism as if it’s a superior way to live. In fact, I think I’ll stop talking about it all together. It’s insulting to those struggling to survive.


  1. I was thinking about that a while back. If your life is forced "minimalism" (rough living, things are old/dirty/crowded/etc.) I imagine a gleaming, easy-to-clean house in the suburbs looks like/would be nirvana. Heck, sometimes it sounds nice to me (just for a while, to spread out on that white wall-to-wall carpeting, do laundry in my pajamas, projects in the attached garage, etc.)

    But, since I grew up in more or less that latter situation, I can (and do) choose to live how I do. Not so sure I'd feel the same if I grew up in the proverbial "squalor."

    (Put in quotes because although it may be physically non-gleaming and uncomfortable - there can be plenty of love and community.)

    l like your post, and I agree with your thought to just live and enjoy your life, but not glorifying it (in general - is obviously glorious for you :)

  2. The luxury I miss the most....having a deep tub for a long, leisurely soak with unlimited hot water. When you look at the minimalism of a Japanese house that is the one special feature that most of the simplistic living spaces have. They get it :)

  3. What's a POV? I don't think you do anything wrong. You have a good attitude.

  4. “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Of course, that would implicitly kill my blogging ...

  5. Al, your last sentence speaks volumes. Actually your last paragraph does. So many who have had opportunities and materialistic lives, don’t seem to get it. Kudos