Friday, December 15, 2017

Small accident

Lou had made more additions to his spot at Coyote Howls East RV Park while I was gone. He was working on this windbreak when he stumbled and punched a hole in his ankle with the Phillips bit in his cordless drill. Blood, pain, more blood. And pain and blood. And pain. Friends rushed to his aid. When I arrived a few hours later he was sitting in the shade with the bleeding stopped and the ankle bandaged.

Today he went to the clinic in Ajo to have the pros look at it. They cleaned it without the benefit of anesthetic (there are a lot of nerves in the ankle, so more pain), disinfected it, dressed it and gave him a prescription for antibiotics. Lou's gimping around with a cane and he has an ankle brace that makes things feel better.

Let this be a lesson, kids. This kind of thing doesn't happen when you remain a nomad instead of settling in somewhere. Well, things happen, just different things.


  1. I hope Lou recovers well.

    You made me very glad the ER staff applied an anesthetic before they cleaned the road rash from my face when I did my face plant. Your description of them cleaning Lou's injury made me wince.

    Linda Sand, whose Google account wouldn't let her post this.