Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Unlimited, within certain limits

I use a lot of cellular data because I’m addicted to the interwebs. I also use Verizon because they have the best coverage out in the boonies.

From time to time I dive into various forums to learn what the best deals are. But there’s always something wrong with them. No unlimited data, or only 3G, or only on a phone with no tethering, or on a carrier with spotty coverage, or requiring a lot of work on my end. (Get the used hot spot from this company, the SIM from some sketchy eBay guy, pre-paid activation through this other outfit, do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself about…)

For me the Holy Grail has been unlimited, unthrottled, 4G, with a phone and a hot spot, on Verizon, for less than I’m paying now. Verizon started offering an unlimited 4G plan a few months ago, but after using 22GB I would be subject to prioritization (shoved to the back of the line) when cell traffic is high. So I stayed with my existing plan, even though it meant being careful with my data usage toward the end to the month.

Today, however, after comparing how much data I had left and how many days remained in the billing period, I decided to switch to the less-than-perfect Verizon plan. I’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, I’ll be paying $35 less each month.


  1. Right now I'm thinking 1 line of V Unlimited is the way I'll go next fall when I hit the road... maybe.

    Are you going with 2 lines, phone and hot spot?

    1. Yes, phone and hot spot, though I'm thinking about ditching the hot spot and just tethering the computer to the phone.

  2. When you burn through 15gb on the hot spot, speed drops to 3G. The good news though is that netflix default stream speed is whatever 3G converts to in mbps.

  3. Is this the $40 per month plan? Are there extra fees and taxes? If so, how much extra does that generally add to the monthly fee?

  4. I'm addicted to internet an information source. It's my biggest hurdle to the nomadic life besides my family. I'll watch any posts and comments on this carefully Thanks, Mimi