Friday, December 22, 2017

Oh, that was easy.

The past few days, probably due to feeling I should just hibernate for a couple of months, I'd been stuffing things in the Rolling Steel Tent without really putting anything away. The laundry, supplies, myself... The cupboard, in particular, was a mess. Whatever system I might have had for storing things was gone. I had avoided doing anything about it because I feared it would be a big project.

In reality, it took about seven minutes. And I found the package of toilet paper I thought I must have used up. And an extra roll of paper towels. And a bottle of body wash. And a perfect place for my cereal/soup bowl. And my passport card.

With that taken care of, I can hibernate without feeling guilty. Now where the hell did I put my pajamas?


  1. I wore my pajamas all day today so no worries abut getting ready for bed tonight. It was a comfy, cozy day.

  2. I have a whole house and do the same thing. You enjoy hibernation Mimi