Friday, April 8, 2016

A fine place to hide out

Having wandered about the Southwest all his life, Cochise knew where the nice places were, like a certain canyon in the Dragoon Mountains. The canyon floor was filled with oaks, sycamores, junipers and game. The rocks provided thousands of hiding places.

For us modern wanderers of the Southwest, Cochise Stronghold is still a beautiful place to be. There's free dispersed camping as you enter the Forest Service managed area, and there's a campground and trailhead at the end of the road.

In the boondocking area

If you camp at Cochise Stronghold, get up early, do your morning stuff, then, as the sun starts to peek over the ridge, go walking. There's a half-mile nature loop at the trailhead, or you can take Cochise Trail all the way to the western side of the Dragoons. If, like this morning, there had been rain during the night, there will be rich aromas added to the dramatic scenery. The rabbits and deer are out and about, too.

I'm adding Cochise Stronghold to my short list of places to visit more than once. Cochise chose it as the last place he'd ever be.

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  1. With the rabbits and deer out and about, my hounds would be a handful on that walk :)