Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Alone again, naturally

There are only a few ways to go east-west in Arizona. If you're in the southern part of the state, you pretty much end up going through Phoenix. Or Gila Bend. So here I am, once again at Buckeye Hills Regional Park, my go-to free and easy camping spot in the greater Phoenix area.

I'm at the very end of Robbins Road where there are usually at least two other rigs camped. But I have it all to myself. Ah, the perks of going places off-season. Most snowbirds have started their migration north, but not me. I'm migrating to the coast. Again. Because that's my (adopted) native habitat.

I'm about to hit the road highway for Joshua Tree National Park. I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to find a vacant campsite. Spring is high season at Joshua Tree. But it's mid-week, so I might have a chance. A few days there, then it's off to the beach for about a week before heading back inland to meet up with friends.

So this stop at Buckeye Hills might be my last bit of solitude for a while. I probably won't be able to step out of the Rolling Steel Tent in just my underwear. No more peeing on the ground. Civilization is so inconvenient.


  1. I have a question & it may sound off the subject you are on,1) are you able to leave the van doors open without getting flying insects into it ? 2) Have you ever encountered mice & / or other rodents trying to get into your home ?
    Thanks for the info.

    1. I've been in only a few places where the bugs were annoying. My simplest solution is to go somewhere else. When I can't or don't want to do that, I break out the swatter and insecticide.

      As for rodents, a mouse tried making a home in my heating duct, but the fan spun him/her to death.

  2. But the friendships are worth it.

  3. Back in '95 I was feeling kinda lonely until a packrat took up residence in my van engine whilst camped out in the boonies for several weeks. Unfortunately he wore out his welcome and got entangled in the fan belt whilst enroute to another location. I could only find some of the carcass so what was left and unreachable stunk to high heaven whilst it decomposed. Fortunately I was no longer living in the van by then having found work and a place to live.