Saturday, April 30, 2016

Donald and Daisy

Or maybe it's Daffy and Daphne. Or whomever. This pair of mallards have been hanging around the Rolling Steel Tent. At one point (when, rats, I didn't have a camera) they strolled up and parked themselves within reach while I sat in my chair. When I got up to get my camera they moved away a little and resettled, the female twisting her head and tucking her bill between her wings. (Would that be comfortable and restful if we humans could do that?)

Later, they wandered over to—and underneath—the van. I got wondering if they might be upset that I was on their turf. But they never made a fuss.

Can ducks give the stinkeye, and if so, is this it?

Maybe they were just fearless and trying to tell me, "Dude, you should be scared, because we're related to dinosaurs. You don't want us getting all T. Rex on your ass, do you?"


  1. They must have felt your good vibrations so I wouldn't really worry about them going all '...T. Rex on your ass'.

  2. How sweet & trusty those 2 creatures are, N I C E, you inspired those trusting feeling on them, G O O D for U Al !

  3. I suspect that they are waiting for Zorro to offer up some cheese and crackers... or maybe pieces of bread or even tasty cracked corn. You know, like other campers at some point fed them. LOL

    But what fun in the meantime. Unusual guests for you. Living nature studies an arm length away.

  4. They are just safer hanging with you when there are hungry coyotes around.

  5. Hey Dude....Got any spare bread..Or slugs???
    I remember them scarfing down slugs here in Wa...They can have them all....Ick...Oh..Maybe escarbos..?