Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another day, another lake

There I was, boondocking with a great view of Lake Mead, happy as a clam (and clams have assured me they are quite happy) when I decided to pick up and leave. Because more rain was forecast. Meanwhile, it would be dry and warmer a mere hour's drive south. So, off I went to Telephone Cove on Lake Mojave, about five miles from Laughlin, NV and Bullhead City, AZ.

As with Lakes Powell, Mead and Havasu, Lake Mojave is formed by a dam on the Colorado River. Unlike Powell and Mead, the water level in Mojave isn't alarmingly low. In fact, if it were much higher, the camping area at Telephone Cove would be under water. (More on that later).

With the weekend and weekenders coming, I wanted to get to Telephone Cove early enough to get a good spot. I did. By a tree, steps from the water. (Actual steps, like ten feet, not resort property copywriters' "steps.") The nearest camping neighbor was about a hundred yards away. Temperatures in the mid-to-high seventies, light breeze. Sweet.

As expected, others arrived throughout the day. And into the night. But I was mentally prepared for the encroachment. They were almost all tent campers, so no generators. The night was peaceful, even serene.

Then this morning, just as the sky was starting to lighten, there was a commotion outside. The group of campers next to me were hustling around, moving their tents and supplies. They were in a lower spot and the water level had risen enough to start flooding them out. I hate when that happens. They were nice people. They apologized for waking me. No problem. I know it's almost impossible to freak out and organize an evacuation silently.

This fire ring wasn't originally built touching the water

I was still high and dry, for the moment, but I decided to move anyway. That gave the evacuees a place to go. I hope they don't need to literally pull up stakes again.

I'll stay another day, keeping tabs on the weather reports to the north and east. I want to get to Zion National Park and onward to Page, Arizona during a favorable weather window. Weather weather weather. It's part of my love-hate relationship with spring. The desert needs the rain, I just don't want it on me. Or under the Rolling Steel Tent.

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  1. I also want to spend the rest of my days rain free with great sunsets and clear starlit nights!!!