Friday, April 22, 2016

Impatience is the stepfather of discovery

One gets to the camping areas at Alabama Hills by driving Whitney Portal Road west from Lone Pine and turning on Movie Flat Road. Easy. Except they're doing road work on Whitney Portal Road. The signs warn of half hour delays. A guide car leads traffic through one direction at a time, at about 15 miles per hour. Not a big tragedy, but a test of one's ability to mellow out and go with the lack of flow.

The red section represents the road work. I'm camped near the Mobius Arch Trailhead.

So, when I needed to make a run back to town, I checked to see if there was an alternate route. Google Maps to the rescue.

The detour is farther and might not save any time, but I'd rather be moving than waiting, staring at the guy holding the stop sign.

Besides, it was an attractive drive. A tree lined creek through a narrow canyon. The early morning sun illuminating the leaves. Nice.

They shut down the road work for weekend traffic to Mount Whitney, so I wouldn't need to take the detour for the next couple of days. But I might anyway, because it's a pleasant drive.

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  1. What is that saying? Something like, "It's a content man who can enjoy a detour."