Thursday, April 7, 2016

And some days you have to work for it

Three thousand feet up from the valley floor. Ten miles of rocky, lumpy dirt road. Narrow. Sharp switchbacks. Steep drop-offs. No guard rails. Squeeze past a truck coming the other way. Take it slow and easy. Keep chugging.

But it was worth it. Ramsey Vista campground in the Huachuca Mountains, near Sierra Vista, Arizona. The whole place to myself. Ponderosa pines and manzanitas. Perfect weather, even at night, even though it was at 7,400 feet and there was still some snow on the peaks above.

I came away feeling adventurous. And rugged. And younger. That's important when there are buzzards circling overhead, like they were yesterday. I don't want to feel like they've come for me.


  1. What? You're not an old buzzard yourself? :)

  2. MY, what a gorgeous scenery, love your camp !!

  3. Great view of your climb. I think you have the perfect setup for traveling and living on the road.

  4. Are you going to stay there longer then one night?!!!