Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thwarted escape

I got some groceries in Willcox, tossed the bags in the back of the Rolling Steel Tent, and headed off for Roosevelt Lake. Three hours later, I'm setting up camp and putting away my purchases when I notice one of the two avocados I bought was not in the bag.

Okay, round things tend to roll out of limp bags. I searched the van floor and... nothing. It's a dark, drizzly day and parts of the floor are black. Not the best avocado sighting conditions. I looked again, moving containers and the laundry bag (must do laundry soon) and still no luck. It would be one thing if the avocado somehow rolled out of the van while I was doing something else, but I didn't want to discover a rotted avocado sometime in the future. So I looked again. Nada. I gave up.

Two seconds later, something caught my attention in my peripheral vision. Ah-ha! There you are. I'll have to eat that one before it talks the other one into breaking out together.

That's part of the sliding door mechanism

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